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MCEUTIC Rénovation Radicale Treatment

Improve skin quality

Description :

A true beauty treatment inspired by the medical world, it delivers a tailor-made treatment in three sequences – a renovating peel, bio-regenerative infusion and corrective intervention – to restore youthful, plump and radiant skin quality, while respecting the skin's physiology.

For whom?

For all skin types (except sensitive) with loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, rough microrelief, thick skin texture, enlarged pores, localised blemishes or residual scars.

Timing :

1 hour

Results :

Significant results certified by a Dermatologist


  • Improved skin quality *
  • Reduced marks *
  • Refined skin texture *
  • Clear and radiant complexion *

Significant 14.9% improvement in skin roughness demonstrated by clinical study **

* Self-assessment on 15 volunteers aged between 40 and 50 years old - alternating long and short treatments carried out for six weeks (Rénovation Radicale Treatment Course using Grade 3 Peel).
** Biometrological measurements on 15 volunteers - fringe projection.