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"You have to drink sea water, bathe in it and eat all marine things in which its benefits are concentrated" - Dr Richard Russell, 1753

The History of Thalassotherapy

Since antiquity, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have recognised the therapeutic benefits of sea bathing and marine mud for treating wounds, burns and injuries.

In the 16th century, Ambroise Paré highlighted the properties of sea water and prescribed sea water baths for their astringent properties.
The 19th century saw the beginnings of Thalassotherapy in France. In 1865, sea bathing came into its own thanks to Doctor La Bonnardière, who invented the word "Thalassotherapy" from the Greek words "thalassa" (the sea) and "therapeia" (therapy). From then on, Thalassotherapy would advocate not only the use of sea water, but also algae, sand and the marine climate for treating rheumatism and carrying out functional rehabilitation. Doctor Bagor would create the first Thalassotherapy centre in 1899.

The emergence of the railways contributed to the French's growing enthusiasm for thalassotherapy treatment courses and the development of seaside resorts.

In 1913, the first Sea Bathing association was created and presided over establishments offering combined "health and pleasure" programmes.
In 1950, Doctor Bagot's son, himself a doctor, would give thalassotherapy a more aesthetic dimension, suggesting combining the rolling technique with marine hydrotherapy to more effectively treat cellulite. At the same time, Dr Leroy introduced kinebalneotherapy for post-traumatic rehabilitation.
In the light of the upsurge in people taking the waters and seaside establishments, the French Thalassotherapy Society was founded in 1959.
Thalgo and Thalassotherapy today

Thalgo's history is closely linked to that of Thalassotherapy, as thalassotherapy centres were its first customers to order algae and algae-based products from it in the sixties and seventies. Since then, Thalgo has established itself as the essential partner for the finest thalassotherapies in France and around the world: accordingly, one in three thalassotherapy centres in France has chosen Thalgo to prolong the sea's benefits for skin through our treatments and products.

Marine hydrotherapy (balneotherapy, jet shower, affusion shower and massage), algotherapy (algae wrap and bath) and the use of marine mud in Thalgo treatment protocols help to rebalance and strengthen our body's cells. During these treatments, skin captures marine energy and becomes concentrated in minerals essential for cell growth and regeneration for restored vitality, youthfulness and beauty.

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